Abschlüsse 2009



Name Titel der Arbeit Lehrstuhl Abschluss
Abel, Andreas From Uppaal To Slab   BSc.
Abushammala, Mohammed An Interval-Based Temporal Logic for VSE   MSc.
Ahmed, Naveed High quality dynamic reflectance and surface reconstruction from video   Diss.
Akkuzhyna, Yuliya Efficient phrase matching and proximity-based ranking for XML full-text search   MSc.
Alekhin, Artem The VAMP memory unit: hardware design and formal verification effort   MSc.
Anand, Avishek Index partitioning strategies for peer-to-peer web archival   MSc.
Arikan, Emine İrem Exploiting Temporal References in Text Retrieval   MSc.
Avramov, Aleksandar Optic Flow with Total Variation and L 1 Norm   MSc.
Backes, Julian Organizing a Library of Higher Order Problems   BSc.
Becker, Tobias Eight-voxel schemes for anisotropic diffusion in 3D: efficient implementation and evaluation   MSc.
Beyer, Martin Parallel Processing on GPUs mithin Distributed Multimedia Middleware   BSc.
Boesche, Klaas Demand-driven Pointer Analysis on Explicit Dependence Graphs   BSc.
Bogdoll, Jonathan An Experimental Evaluation of Probabilistic Simulation   BSc.
Bringmann, Karl Don't be greedy when calculating hypervolume contributions   BSc.
Bühler, Thomas p-Laplacian based spectral clustering   MSc.
Burkholz, Dirk Das Spring Framework unter Java und .NET: Unterschiede und Gemeinsamkeiten   BSc.
Canzar, Stefan Lagrangian relaxation solving NP-hard problems in computational biology via combinatorial optimization   Diss.
Curticapean, Radu Clustering-based Audio Segmentation with Applications to Music Structure Analysis   BSc.
Dahrendorf, Daniel Symbolic Encodings of Timed Games with Incomplete Informations   MSc.
Danilewski, Piotr Binned kd-tree construction with SAH on the GPU   MSc.
Demetz, Oliver Graph cuts in computer vision   MSc.
Dimova, Dilyana On the Translation of Timed Automata into First-order Logic   MSc.
Doczkal, Christian Formalizing TT-lifting in Isabelle/HOL-Nominal   MSc.
Dreßler, Christian Automatic Analysis of Tree-Based Feature Models with SPASS   MSc.
Eckhardt, Jonas Intuitive Visualisation of Rich Structured Data on the iPhone Platform   BSc.
Eigner, Fabienne Sophie Type-Based Verification of Electronic Voting Systems   MSc.
Emrich, Martin Implementing a DLNA-compliant UPnP AV MediaServer with DVB and RTSP/RTP support   BSc.
Fass, Daniel Clock Matrix Diagrams   BSc.
Feld, Peter A Reactive and Learning Approach to the Movement Behaviour of an Agent in a Virtual World   BSc.
Figueredo, Carlos Analyzing the impact of source code changes on dynamically inferred invariants   MSc.
Fuchs, Christian Capturing and reconstructing the appearance of complex 3D scenes   Diss.
Gebhardt, Ute Explicit construction of spaces of Hilbert modular cusp forms using quaternionic theta series   Diss.
Gehler, Peter Vincent Kernel Learning Approaches for Image Classification   Diss.
Giannopoulos, Ioannis Company Manager: An Open ERP-System based on Service Oriented Architecture   BSc.
Götzmann, Daniel Norbert A tableau prover for hybrid logic   MSc.
Grochulla, Martin Peter Security despite system compromise with zero-knowledge proofs   MSc.
Gründel, Torsten Eine generische Transformation zur b̮̈erbrückung von Design und Implementierung von Multiagenten Systemen   MSc.
Gruska, Natalie Language-independent Sequential Contraint Mining   BSc.
Gu, Yecheng Integration of Rippling into the ΩMEGA System   BSc.
Guanglei, Sun Formal verification of a direct-mapped cache   MSc.
Haddad, Walid Verifying networks of phase event automata   MSc.
Hartmanns, Arnd A Modest Checker for Probabilistic Timed Automata   MSc.
Hey, Thorsten Ein Word Plugin für mathematische Assistenzsysteme   BSc.
Honcharova, Olha Static detection of parametric loop;;bounds on C code   MSc.
Höschele, Matthias Towards a Semi-Automatic Higher-Order Tableau Prover   BSc.
Ifrim, Georgiana Statistical learning techniques for text categorization with sparse labeled data   Diss.
Jacobs, Swen Hierarchic Decision Procedures for Verification   Diss.
Jindal, Alekh Quality in Phrase Mining   MSc.
Jung, Marko A trust system for the openSUSE build service   BSc.
Jung, Ralf Ambiente Audionotifikation   Diss.
Jurkiewicz, Tomasz Cycle bases in graphs   MSc.
Just, Sascha Towards the next generation of bug tracking systems   BSc.
Kaiser, Martin Bounding Task Switch Costs by Cache Analysis   MSc.
Karrenberg, Ralf Automatic Packetization   MSc.
Kasneci, Gjergji Searching and ranking in Entity-Relationship graphs   Diss.
Khosla, Megha Message passing algorithms   MSc.
Klein, Susanne Smart Ordering for Compositional Aggregation   BSc.
Koberski, Patrick Graph cuts vs. variational methods in image processing   BSc.
Kovalev, Mikhail Integrating a Verified Compiler and a Verified Garbage Collector   MSc.
Kriukov, Evgeny Efficient compression for ultrasonic signals   MSc.
Krohmer, Anton Rational File Sharing   BSc.
Kunz, Michael Implementation of an algebraic reconstruction technique algorithm for CT on GPU with CUDA   BSc.
Kunzler, David Deklarative Indexe   BSc.
Le, Hong Anh Combining agents and semantic web services: integrating WSMX with JACK   MSc.
Leidinger, Tobias Entwicklung von Back-End und Testkonsole für "Phrase Search and Analytics"   BSc.
Lösch, Steffen Depth from Blur   BSc.
Loskyll, Matthias Ontology development in the upcoming web 3.0 era:   MSc.
Lu, Tianxiang Verified expression evaluation for multiplication and division   MSc.
Lund, Rajiv Formale Analyse von Mastermind   BSc.
Maier, Markus Martin Clustering with Neighborhood Graphs   Diss.
Masood, Sadia A Domain Reasoner for Fraction Arithmetics, Serving Intelligent Exercises   Saarbrücken, Univ.,Master,2009
Math, Rafael Tobias UbisPhoto & UbisAcces:   MSc.
May, Eva Learning From Fixes   BSc.
Mehlmann, Gregor Ulrich SceneMaker 3 An Interpreter for Parallel Processes Modeling Behavoir of Interactive Virtual Characters   MSc.
Metzger, Steffen CrowdMovement A Potential Field based Movement System for Crowds in Computer Games   MSc.
Mezzavilla, Sebastian Implementing a racing AI in TORCS   MSc.
Mittermüller, Kai Safety Analysis of Interrupts for Embedded Systems   MSc.
Mohammadi, Esfandiar Computational Soundness for Symbolic Zero-Knowledge Proofs Against Active Attackers under Relaxed Assumptions   MSc.
Möhl, Mathias Dynamic Programming based RNA Pseudoknot Alignment   Diss.
Müller, Joachim Komplexe Filterprädikate in RDF-3X   BSc.
Neis, Georg Non-Parametric Parametricity   MSc.
Neisius, Yves Entropy based method to secure network communication   MSc.
Neumann, Stephan Rouven Automated Proof Generation of Possibility Properties in Inductive Protocol Verification   BSc.
Neumanns, Jérome Multi-modal registration of optical and ultrasound images of melanomas   BSc.
Obser, Sven Entwicklung eines Web-Frontends für "Phrase Search and Analytics"   BSc.
Persch, Nico Three Dimensional Optic Flow Computation for Volumetric Image Data Sets   MSc.
Petry, Jochen Numerik der Singulärwertzerlegung   BSc.
Prager, Frank Volatility Trading- A model and some empirical evidence   BSc.
Pulungan, Muhammad Reza Reduction of acyclic phase-type representations   Diss.
Pushkarev, Sergey 3D Nonlinear Diffusion Filtering on GPUs Using an AOS Scheme   MSc.
Putz, Oliver Runtime improvements for solving TSP in bounded degree graphs   MSc.
Puzhay, Dmytro Modeling bug reporter reputation   MSc.
Quan, Nguyen Chi Hoang Werkzeuge zur IK-basierten Gestenannotation mit Hilfe eines 3D-Skeletts   MSc.
Rabe, Markus Optimal Schedulers for Time-Bounded Reachability in CTMDPs   MSc.
Rahmani, Ali Annealing Furnace Planning with Uncertainty of Steel Bar Production at Saarstahl   MSc.
Rehmsen, Ole Gesture Recognition using Accumulated Optical Flow   BSc.
Rickert, Nicolas Digital Watermarking Methods and Applications for Digital Images   BSc.
Rizkallah, Christine S. Proof Representations for Higher-Order Logic   MSc.
Roth, Jean Marc Higher order anisotropic smoothing of images   MSc.
Roth, Stefanie Planungsünterstützung logistischer Abläufe in einer Radiologie   Dipl.
Rudi, David On Emulating Columnstore in a Rowstore   MSc.
Scharfstein, Andi Determining tempo characteristics of expressive music recordings; an algorithmic approach   MSc.
Schmidt, Petra Performance-Messungen von Systemalternativen für Business-Intelligence im Großhandel   BSc.
Schneider, Sigurd Ernst Walter Terminating Tableaux for Modal Logic with Transitive Closure   BSc.
Schultz, Thomas Feature extraction for visual analysis of DW-MRI data   Diss.
Schunck, Christian Computing information-theoretic bounds for unknown message side-channel attacks   BSc.
Schwarz, Dennis Minimising iBugs fixes using DDchange   MSc.
Schwarzbach, Sebastian Simultaneous Estimation of Optic Flow and Denoising for Image Sequences   BSc.
Spieler, David Model Checking of Oscillatory and Noisy Periodic Behavior in Markovian Population Models   MSc.
Stachowicz, Dennis Episodic-like Memory for Cognitive Robots   Dipl.
Stattelmmann, Stefan Precise Measurement-Based Worst-Case Execution Time Estimation   MSc.
Steinke, Florian From differential equations to differential geometry   Diss.
Suchanek, Fabian M. Automated construction and growth of large ontology   Diss.
Tack, Guido Constraint propagation   Diss.
Tan, Guoping Optimum hybrid error correction scheme under strict delay constraints   Diss.
Thirunavukkarasu , Sathess Grammar-based analysis of graphical argumentation   BSc.
Trampert, Patrick Evaluation of Segmentation Algorithms for Fingerprints   BSc.
Trenz, Alexander Entwicklung eines virtuellen Cocktailberaters   BSc.
Tylenda, Tomasz Time-aware link prediction in evolving social networks   MSc.
Volz, Sebastian Variational Scene Flow Estimation   Dipl.
Voropaev, Alexey Reconstruction algorithms for parallel-beam computed laminography: development, optimization, and implementation   MSc.
Walter, Christine Simulation of Stategie Trust and Deceit in Coalition Negotiations   MSc.
Wegener, Simon Extracting the Path of Longest Execution Time from a Set of Minimal Traces   BSc.
Zhang, Lijun Decision algorithms for probabilistic simulations   Diss.
Zimmer, Sebastian Textures in PDE based Image Compression   MSc.
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